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Book Review : Menjerat Teror (isme), Eks-Napiter Bicara, Keluarga Bersaksi

Book Review

Tittle:Menjerat Teror (isme), Eks-Napiter Bicara, Keluarga Bersaksi Entanglement with Terror(ism), Ex-Terrorist Convicts Speaks, Families Witness’
Creator(s):Mukhzamila, Much Khoiri, Ahmad Bashri, Mohammad Syahidul Haq.
Publisher:Uwais Inspirasi Indonesia
Edition 1:2022
Thickness:xiv+240 pages
Reviewer:Daswatia Astuty
  Don’t Follow Me. Because I’m Wayward
Source: Self Documentation

Terrorism is indeed a crime and a serious threat to humanity and human civilization. This triggers the integrity and sovereignty of the state.

This book has made it evidently clear that the acts of terrorism are acts that have been well planned, organized and applicable anywhere, anytime, and to whomever the individuals’ desires.

Developed in the surrounding environment, in front of the eyes and is carried out in various ways according to the will of the performer.
Many used it as an excuse for being trapped in this understanding. Often times starting from political, economic, and even social reasons wrapped in religious doctrines. Using it as an entrance to instil hatefulness, self-righteous ideology, if one does not bear the same ideology, one is an enemy and infidel thus killing is an act that is legitimate (lawful) to be carried out.

These actions can be carried out individually or in groups. The consequences of such actions are done physically or in non-physical state, hence having a wide impact and are extremely terrifying.

A cruel and shrewd doctrine. Taught to instil cruelty to fellow human beings as well as towards the government. It slowly kills one’s own thoughts, subsequently spreading it to the minds of others and finally having the courage to kill another fellow human beings. These doctrines are far more dangerous than a firearm weapons.

Hatred and hostility are conditions of faith. Death becomes something banal; heaven is offered, people are indoctrinated and are ready to die for it.

There are 5 processes, starting with the approach, recruitment, reaping/turning and eventually coaching which leads to the movement of jihad.

The movement of jihad can include fundraising, recruiting new members, training, robbery, murder, and the willingness to commit suicide bombing. Suicide bombings is the peak and culminate in the misguided meaning of jihad.

”Don’t follow me, my footsteps are wayward.” This gesture is torn at the end of each ex-Convict’s confession. Awareness has to be done because the way these groups do their networking are mostly targeted through contacts on social media and followed by continues offline meetings, through websites, social media, and personal messenger.

The use of social media has made such movements invisible so that it is not monitored by the surrounding environment. It has shown to be very effective without meeting person directly, one can even become a bride.

“I think anyone can be exposed to (Lion JAD) as long as they don’t have broad religious views. Those who are narrow in their religious understanding even though they are scientifically clever, graduates of domestic or foreign universities, alumni of Islamic boarding schools and even memorizer of the Quran have no guarantees that they would not plunge and be misled.

”Don’t trust an unknown person way too easily even though he has the depth of religious knowledge.”

”Don’t be easily provoked by movements in the name of religion. Don’t believe the frills of jihad because the meaning of jihad is being perverted into war. Fighting the state, fighting Muslims who are not in the same clause and fighting Non-Muslims.”

Nevertheless, a former convict also admitted that he has had at a turning point when he had to return and apprehend the understanding of Unitary State of Republic of Indonesia to obey Pancasila and the Constitution 45. Given the holistic understanding of Islam as ‘Rahmatan Lil Alamin’ which translates to ‘Grace or love for the whole world’, understanding varies without cultizing which is the most correct understandings.

Realizing there is no benefit in living with hatred and violence other than misery, families internal and external suffering arises, being in and out of prison and creating ample fear that is alarming at all times.

There are a lot to learn, starting from their experiences of when they started to have knowledge and ending up into that ideology.

How they have been brainwashed, indoctrinated with various radical information, built a sense of charitable spirit, and etc.

How they commit to these violence acts and even bombings of others are considered as a patriotic move. It also includes participating and financing themselves to carry firearms in battles on Syrian soil.

This book is ideal for the government and all walks of life. For the government aspect, by understanding the root of the problem and the various motives behind it; it can design a more holistic solutions and more appropriate strategies in tackling terrorism.

For the younger generation, this book can help to raise more vigilant awareness against radicalism and terrorism. It encourages the younger generation to increase knowledge and literacy and to exercise their critical thinking skills when an information is being received.

As for the general public, parents and educators can use this book as a reference to fortify themselves, their families, and their children from being exposed to the doctrines of radicalism and terrorism by playing an active role in preventing the growth and development of doctrines that are hostile to humanity and how to behave towards ex-terrorists’ convicts and their families.

*Daswatia Astuty, is a book enthusiast who lives in Makassar. Postgraduate Alumni of State University of Makassar (UNM)


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